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Please email me for current time slot availability.
Location/Days: Lessons are held in Grapevine, Monday through Thursday.  Flexible scheduling, works well with home school students. 

Skill Level Taught: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced 

Styles Taught: Rock, Country, Classical, Jazz, Blues.
Length of Lessons: Lessons vary depending on skill level:
  • Beginner - 30 minutes
  • Intermediate to Advanced - 60 minutes
Musical Tastes: To better serve the student, I’d like to know a little about their taste in music.  For example: What bands do they listen to?  What types of music are they interested in?  What’s their favorite song/favorite band?  If I know each student’s musical likes and dislikes, I will have a better idea of the direction to take with the lessons.  Unless the student has previous experience with the instrument nearly all lessons are started with the very basics.  
What To Expect In Lessons: My goal is to teach students to have fun with the guitar, to read music and to help them understand music theory.  I want to keep it interesting so that as they advance, their creativity comes out naturally!  I’ve experienced over the years that teaching by “Tablature” (play by numbers) is a way to “jump start” learning their favorite songs while still teaching theory.  I can recommend a reasonable practice schedule to help a student grow in his or her skills.  Basically… 10-15 minutes of practice a day is better than practicing 1 hour once a week.  This helps to build familiarity, coordination and muscle memory.
Bring Your Favorite Music: If there are certain songs the student wants to learn they can bring in audio, sheet or tablature of the songs and we can begin learning immediately.  I can also find songs on You Tube, ITunes, Rhapsody, etc… but it may not be the exact version they are looking for.
Recommended Materials For Learning: Please bring your guitar, strap, tuner and 3-Ring notebook/lesson materials. (I provide amplifiers and guitar cables for electric guitarists)   
1. Your own Acoustic or Electric guitar is required.  If you do not own a guitar I will be happy to recommend one before your first lesson.
2. Straps are a plus but not required.
3. Clip-on Tuners are a huge plus!  While I have one available for use in lessons, you will want to have your own tuner for home use.  Local music retailers have them very inexpensively. 
4. I provide a 3-Ring notebook and I make copies of lesson material from week to week.  These notebooks are to be brought to the lesson each week.  
5. A Capo is not required for the first month or two of lessons but as you learn more of your favorite songs you will want a Capo.  Local music retailers have them very in expensively as well.
6. A Metronome is not required but is highly encouraged.  Practicing with a metronome can increase the student’s rhythmic ability and allows them to play along with their favorite songs in a very short time. 
I looked forward to our guitar lessons! 
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